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Origin Consultants help clients in deploying continuous performance appraisal and performance review processes that eventually boost employee productivity, morale, and business outcomes.
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Our Performance Management Experts ensure that the KRAs, KPIs and Performance Measurement Metrics are designed, implemented, and used exactly as they were intended - to help your company succeed!



Our Clients often approach us to help them design a Performance Appraisal & Review Process which measures performance continuously and not just once or twice a year. Origin Consultants Performance Management Practice experts address and resolve all the issues regarding deployment of a Continuous Performance Appraisal Process



Origin Consultants carefully curates Rewards & Recognition for Client Organizations that focus and lead to
Happy Workforce, Happy Customers, Happy & Successful Organization.


Ensuring employee productivity & employee effectiveness in the workplace can be a daunting task. Research shows that 72% of employees are disengaged from their organisations.


In addition to that they are distracted by their smartphones, social media, personal emails, online shopping, and the demands of their personal lives. This makes it even harder for companies to make employees focus on work and give the best results.


Such lack of employee engagement and interest often leads to low or average employee productivity


No matter what business offerings you may have, or what kind of products and services your business offers, it is essential to measure employee productivity and effectiveness. At the same time measuring it as accurately as possible too!


Origin Consultants strongly advises Companies on tracking Employee Effectiveness & Employee Productivity because:


When organisations measure employees' productivity and discuss findings with them, employees understand better what their employer’s expectations are from their work and thus work towards achieving individual goals that are aligned with company goals.

These measurements also reveal where the work process gets slower or stopped due to an inefficient process, machine breakdowns, poor job training, or lack of communication, among other problems. The processes can subsequently fine tunes for optimum results.

When used properly, accurate productivity measurements reveal how well your business is progressing towards its business goals and targets.

Research shows that employees who can see a direct connection between their productivity and company goals are happier, engaged and thus more productive as compared to those who don't see how their work affects company goals.

Companies not only get greater profits, but also end up with increased employee motivation, job satisfaction and recognition of team and individual accomplishments.

Measure Employee Effectiveness & Employee Productivity


The next important task is to find the right method of measurement that reveals how employee productivity is bringing you closer to your business goals. The Metrics and KPIs selected must spring directly from your business's biggest goals and must relate only to those aspects of your business that you have some control over.


Employees perform multiple tasks, some of which are easier to measure than others. When determining how profitable an employee's tasks are, we usually include factors that affect profits.


Different approaches and different methods are developed at different times, to see which reveal the most accurate data, and reveal what's most important in terms of your business goals.

Methods like Management by Objectives, Measuring Productivity Quantitatively, 360 Degree Feedback, Measuring Sales, and Service Productivity, Measuring Time Management Productivity, Measuring Productivity by Profit, Measuring the Quality of Tasks Completed are applied for accurately measuring employee productivity.


Depending on your company’s Business Goals, Origin Consultants Performance Management Practice guides you in selecting the Right Methods for enhancing Employee Effectiveness & measuring Employee Productivity.


Performance measurement metrics must form an integral part of the corporate business review process and must be used as controls to encourage improvement and efficacy of work strategies. Metrics, KRAs and KPIs provide a vital tool for improving performance, making better business decisions, and gaining a competitive advantage.

It is crucial for organisations to track business metrics, employee KRAs & KPIs that really show how the business is doing. Leading corporations measure relevant business metrics to determine an organization’s success and performance.

The challenge however her is that tracking irrelevant metrics will digress companies from focusing on the things that truly matter. This way, businesses will end up stressing about the numbers that have no actual impact on the company’s success. This, it is incredibly important that you not only track Business metrics, Employee KRAs and KPIs but also choose the right ones to track.

So how does a Manager in your company measure his Team’s performance? He keeps saying his team works hard and is very diligent. But is everyone working on the right things? Does their work achieve the outcomes that the team and organization need? Measuring the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which quantify individual and organizational goals, and evaluating performance accordingly is the answer to this question.

A well-designed set of Performance Measurement Metrics must be able to provide a clear picture of current levels of performance and help your Leadership Team make better decisions that bring the business closer to achieving its strategic objectives.


Identify Relevant Performance Measurement Metrics


Origin Consultants has been helping its clients identify relevant Performance Measurement Metrics, set KRAs and KPIs that reflect and support the various strategies for all aspects of the organization. We provide advice and guidance to companies in the following:

  1. How to link the Performance Measurement Metrics and KPIs to your business strategy and ensure you use the relevant KPIs?

  2. Which is the right measurement methodology for these KPIs and Metrics?

  3. What is the right frequency for measuring the KPIs?

  4. How to decide who all will be in-charge of looking at these KPIs?

  5. Who will interpret their meaning, monitor them regularly and report how it is changing and deciding what that means for the business?

  6. How to establish complete buy-in by all the employees of the defined KRAs, KPIs & Metrics? Each employee should be able to answer this “How will what I am doing today affect the KPIs?”

  7. How will you develop a culture where constant review and improvement are at the heart of everything your employees do?

  8. Why is it important to review and update KPIs whenever there is a change in strategy or corporate priorities?


Our Performance Management Experts ensure that the KRAs, KPIs and Performance Measurement Metrics are designed, implemented, and used exactly as they were intended - to help your company succeed!


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, goals made at the beginning of the year will have no relevance at the end of the year; then how can the traditional once a year Performance Appraisal & Review Process accurately measure and reflect employee performance!


Organizations who want to improve the per­for­mance of their employ­ees, cannot expect it to hap­pen based on one annual or two six monthly per­for­mance review meetings in a year. Get­ting feed­back at an appraisal meet­ing about some­thing that they did or did not do well sev­er­al months ago will lead to only negative impact and resentment. Employ­ees need reg­u­lar feed­back, recog­ni­tion and guid­ance from their man­ag­er to per­form to the best of their abil­i­ties.

Across the globe, forward looking organizations are thus abandoning the traditional end-of-year performance appraisal processes and moving towards Appraisal & Review Systems that measure, evaluate, and recognize employee performance continuously throughout the year.

Continuous performance management process is a highly effective way to increase productivity, motivation and create a team that will lead your company to success.

Continuous Performance Appraisal Process


Our Clients often approach us to help them design a Performance Appraisal & Review Process which measures performance continuously and not just once or twice a year. Origin Consultants Performance Management Practice experts address the following concerns regarding deployment of a Continuous Performance Appraisal Process:


  1. Design a performance appraisal & review process which focuses on agile goals management, regular check-ins, and continuous feedback.

  2. Get buy-ins from employees and their managers to adopt con­tin­u­ous per­for­mance management.

  3. Processes to set short-term objectives for all the employees and review them periodically.

  4. Develop effective and accurate business goal-oriented performance measures.

  5. Empower and train employees to self-track their performance.

  6. Address behavioural issues before they impact departmental productivity.

  7. Define a practical Action and Development Plan for employees?

  8. Recognize and acknowledge the achievements and contributions made by every employee.

  9. Use employee performance as a criteria for succession planning and filling open positions internally.

  10. Manage pay decisions with Continuous Performance Appraisal and Review Process.

Origin Consultants help clients in deploying continuous performance appraisal and performance review processes that eventually boost employee productivity, morale, and business outcomes.

If you want to initiate a powerful performance appraisal & review process that will engage, empower, and align your employees to deliver your organization goals, feel free to call us.


Origin Consultants believe that employers with a strong Rewards & Recognition Programs earn significantly higher Productivity, Revenues and higher Employee Retention as compared to those who do not have such R&R Programs


Leading organizations worldwide realize the need for effective Employee Reward & Recognition Programs and lucrative Incentive Programs to have engaged, committed and happy workforce.


Origin Consultants carefully curates Rewards & Recognition for Client Organizations that focus and lead to:


  • Improvement in organizational culture

  • Supports organizational mission / values

  • Increased Employee Morale

  • Increased Employee Retention

  • Motivates high Employee Performance

  • Performance Driven Workforce

  • Increased Employee Engagement

  • Reinforces the desired employee behaviours

  • Creates and maintains a positive work environment

  • Drives and maintains a culture of recognition

  • Supports a culture of change

  • Encourages loyalty and Improved employee relationships

  • Happy Workforce, Happy Customers, Happy & Successful Organization.

Depending on the Company’s focus and needs, our Performance Management Experts design and implement effective R&R and Incentive Programs that recognise and reward all or some of the following:


  • Length of Service in the Organisation

  • Work Anniversaries

  • Spot Rewards for desired outcomes / behaviours

  • Employee of the Month / Quarter / Year Reward

  • Sales Champ of the Day / Week/ Month/ Quarter/Year/ Special Sales Campaign

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Best Performing Team /Function / Department of the Month/ Quarter/Year

  • Wellness / Health

  • Time and Attendance

  • Cost Savings

  • Quality

  • Reduction in Errors

  • Suggestions / Ideas for Improvement / Better methods

  • others

Origin Consultants suggest rewarding employees in very creative and innovative ways, to maximize participation, excitement and interest in the company’s programs. We aim to design an effective recognition program keeping in mind things like budget, ease-of-use, time, and quality.

Appreciation and recognition in forms of various monetary and non-monetary types is incorporated like:


  • Gift Cards

  • Trophies/Plaques/Certificates

  • Wall of Fame

  • Thank you notes

  • Appreciation Letters

  • Food & Beverage Coupons

  • Writing & Desk Accessories

  • Home Appliances / Furnishings Gifts

  • Glassware / Artistic Showpieces

  • Luggage/Leather Goods

  • Electronics – Tabs, EarPods, Bluetooth Speakers

  • Sports / Recreational

  • Outdoor Trip

  • Apparels and Accessories

  • Clocks / Watches

  • Cash / Bonuses

  • Many others

Rewards and recognition are a great way of investment for companies of every size, motivating and engaging their workforce to become growth partners.

If you are considering designing and implementing an effective Incentives and Rewards & Recognition Programs strategy in your company, give us a call today!

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