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No matter which stage your Retail Business is at, a well thought and designed Retail Organization Structure is the key to the success of your company.

Origin Consultants approach to designing an effective Retail Organization Structure for Organizations is vastly different. We do not just look at the lines and boxes of an Organization Chart. We help you focus on the activities that fuel your competitive advantage and eliminate the ones that do not. It is a one-time effort that sets the pace and ambition defined by the activities that are critical to delivering what your customers value most about you.

Origin Consultants helps Companies design and guide all important aspects of an Organization Structure:


How to take a modern approach to Organization Structure?

Which from the below types of Organization Structure will be best suited for your organization?

Flat Organization Structure

Tall Organization Structure

Matrix Organization Structure

Functional Organization Structure

Divisional Organization Structure

Process Based Organization Structure

How to align the Organization Structure to its Business Goals?

How to boost organization and retail people efficiency while remaining agile?

How to transform your current operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes, people and reduce costs?

How to attract and retain talent and effectively manage organizational change?

How to optimize all your Retail Processes and resources to achieve sustained performance, greater customer satisfaction and growth?

We design an Organizational structure where governance, accountabilities and processes are integrated and aligned to the retail business strategy. They are also in sync with the needs of your customers and optimize the efficiency of your workforce.


Origin Consultants enables a structured transformation journey that delivers results from Day 1 and brings out the full potential of your retail enterprise.

An organization with a new mindset and new behaviours around cost, continuously striving for maximum efficiency, higher quality of customer service and greater savings.

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