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Ensuring employee productivity & employee effectiveness in the workplace can be daunting task. Research shows that 72% of employees are disengaged from their organizations.

In addition to that they are distracted by their smartphones, social media, personal emails, online shopping, and the demands of their personal lives. This makes it even harder for companies to make employees focus on work and give the best results.

Such lack of employee engagement and interest often leads to low or average employee productivity

No matter what business offerings you may have, or what kind of products and services your business offers, it is essential to measure employee productivity and effectiveness. At the same time measuring it as accurately as possible too!

Origin Consultants strongly advises Companies on tracking Employee Effectiveness & Employee Productivity because:

When organizations measure employees' productivity and discuss findings with them, employees understand better what their employer’s expectations are from their work and thus work towards achieving individual goals that are aligned with company goals.

These measurements also reveal where the work process gets slower or stopped due to an inefficient process, machine breakdowns, poor job training, or lack of communication, among other problems. The processes can subsequently fine tunes for optimum results.

When used properly, accurate productivity measurements reveal how well your business is progressing towards its business goals and targets.

Research shows that employees who can see a direct connection between their productivity and company goals are happier, engaged and thus more productive as compared to those who don't see how their work affects company goals.

Companies not only get greater profits, but also end up with increased employee motivation, job satisfaction and recognition of team and individual accomplishments.

Measure Employee Effectiveness & Employee Productivity

The next important task is to find the right method of measurement that reveals how employee productivity is bringing you closer to your business goals. The Metrics and KPIs selected must spring directly from your business's biggest goals and must relate only to those aspects of your business that you have some control over.

Employees perform multiple tasks, some of which are easier to measure than others. When determining how profitable an employee's tasks are, we usually include factors that affect profits.

Different approaches and different methods are developed at different times, to see which reveal the most accurate data, and reveal what's most important in terms of your business goals.

Methods like Management by Objectives, Measuring Productivity Quantitatively, 360 Degree Feedback, Measuring Sales, and Service Productivity, Measuring Time Management Productivity, Measuring Productivity by Profit, Measuring the Quality of Tasks Completed are applied for accurately measuring employee productivity.

Depending on your company’s Business Goals, Origin Consultants Performance Management Practice guides you in selecting the Right Methods for enhancing Employee Effectiveness & measuring Employee Productivity.

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