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Every successful online business offers an ECommerce Mobile app to customers. The world is moving from laptop-based E-commerce to mobile ecommerce or M-Commerce. And an effective ecommerce mobile strategy is no more a responsive mobile-friendly website. Younger customers now definitely expect an ecommerce mobile app.

The way people search and buy products online has changed. Smartphone Technology is improving and mobile usage increasing day by day. Over 70% of online buyers now search & buy using their smartphones. Thus, Mobile Commerce is the new way of doing e-commerce.


What is a “Good” Mobile App

Customer friendly features and ease of use makes a mobile app successful. The longer the buyer stays on the app the greater the possibility of a sale. So, have you finalized the essentials for your ecommerce mobile app?

Here is a list of important features to consider for developing your mobile app:

All mobile device compatibility e.g. IOS & Android and Smartphone & Tablet

Customer Ratings

Customer Reviews

Discount Coupon Codes

Ease of Navigation

Easy Checkout

Gift Vouchers

Live Chat Agent and a Chat Bot

Loyalty Rewards

Order Tracking

Push Notifications

Referral Points

Secure Payment Options

Social Referrals

Social Sharing

Transaction History

Voice Search

Benefits to the Organization:

As stated earlier Mobile Commerce is the new way of doing E-Commerce. Here is how your organization will benefit if you offer a mobile app to your customers:

Allows you to get more customers

Provides captive audience

Free and direct communication with customers using the app

Improves Brand image and gives credibility to the organization

Helps reach out to the younger generation

Improves Conversions

Increases Sales

Boosts Customer Retention

Allows Push Notifications

Contact Origin Consultants for a customer friendly Ecommerce Mobile App. This will help deliver a world class mobile experience to your customers. And will make to buy your products while they are on the move.

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