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Organization Structure Design & Implementation of an Effective and Efficient Operating Model

“A Renowned International Construction Machinery Organisation based in Saudi Arabia approached Origin Consultants to lead an HR Consulting Project involving Organisation Structure Design & Implementation of an Effective and Efficient Operating Model.” 
Organisation Structure Design & Implementation by the HR Consulting Team led to improved business processes, achieved new efficiencies, adopted new digital capabilities, reduced labour costs and improved service levels of the organisation.


Organization Development, Transformation & Workforce Effectiveness for a Leading Retail Organization

Organization Development, Transformation & Workforce Effectiveness boosting assignment that improved business, sales and processes, achieved new efficiencies, reduced people issue and costs and brought about a performance driven and positive culture that delivered substantial incremental profit.

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HR Challenges at Construction Machinery Organization

This Construction Machinery Company which was based in Saudi Arabia had been suffering from poor employee performance, heavy labour costs and support departments were over staffed. Critical business processes were lagging in delivery and thus service levels were affected badly.

The Board asked Origin Consultants to advise and spearhead in the Organisation Re-Structure Design & Implementation of an effective and efficient operating model assignment.

The Desired Objectives

To Improve Business Processes and

Bring Down Labour Costs of the Equipment Rental, Leasing, Credit, Control, Billing & Collection Departments of the Finance Department.

Improve Service Delivery Levels and Customer Service.

Solution for the Talent Quality Issues of the Domestic Market.

Design and implement an Operating model that will be more flexible, modern and efficient.

Discovery during HR Consulting for Construction Machinery at The Study Stage:

As the foremost step, a thorough diagnostic study of the organizational  was done. Origin Consultants worked closely with the company's leadership to understand the stated challenges of the organization and the findings were:

Quality of workforce was inadequate and lacked enthusiasm.

The Finance Division supporting Construction Machinery Leasing Business with Rental Billing & Collection was over staffed and was a major cost centre due to huge labour costs.

The Finance Division supporting Construction Machinery Sales Business through Invoicing & Credit Control was also over staffed and was a major cost centre due to huge labour costs.

There was a lack of relevant and suitable talent in the domestic market due to visa and other regulations in the country.

Business Processes in the Accounting Support Function department had redundancies and were unnecessarily complex.

Service Delivery Levels of departments was unsatisfactory and were leading to huge lags and business losses.

A culture lacking energy and stimulation existed in the Department.

Origin’s HR Consulting Approach & Delivery:

As a global construction machinery company embarked on a journey to transform its business services organization, we helped them design and implement a new operating model. We suggested a Shared Service Model that would address all the current challenges of talent availability, manpower costs, service levels and delivery. The Board immediately accepted this decision and asked us to initiate the search for a Managed Service Provider.

Through an accelerated but meticulous RFP, Evaluation & Selection Process for a managed services provider (MSP), we guided the Client Organisation. This involved evaluating the business cases for all the complex organizational redesign required to integrate a new Shared Service Provider. Eventually a leading Managed Service Provider in India was selected for the services.

We then helped them implement its new shared services blueprint, which transformed the accounting support function services. A new shared service model that integrated corporate functions and new service deliveries was designed.

We supported the company during the entire transition of services to onshore and offshore locations with programs sequenced to accelerate value delivery.

The Results Delivered by Origin’s HR Consulting for Construction Machinery Organisation:

The result was a new shared services organization with suitable workforce, improved service levels, reduced costs drastically, embraced new digital capabilities and became a more efficient growth engine for the Company.

Together these ideas revolutionized their way of doing business, reduced in-scope operating costs by nearly half and created an organization and operating model that was more flexible, modern and efficient.

The new operating model significantly lowered their annual labour costs, automated 15% to 20% of the department’s activity.

As this Organisation continues to implement our recommendations, our work will help them increase internal NPS- Net Promoter Scores and save nearly $00 million while embracing new digital capabilities and improving service quality for both internal and external customers.

Summary of overall Impact on the Organization:

New effective and efficient Operating Model Implemented

Managed Service Partner onboarded

Business & Accounting Support Processes Streamlined

Culture of High Pace, Energy and Performance in the department achieved

Labour Costs of the Finance Support Departments (Billing, Collections, Invoicing & Credit Control) reduced by 50%

Talent Acquisition & Talent Pipeline Management

Contact Origin’s HR Consulting for Construction Machinery Team to streamline processes and set up High Pace, Energy and Performance  culture for your Construction Equipment organization that delivers reduced people costs, enhanced efficiencies, improved customer service and profits.

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Challenge at the Retail Organization

A retail company, historically an industry leader, had seen its performance lag its competitors’. Its overhead costs were significantly higher than average—driven by a complex, oversized organization with a low performing workforce and unstructured and ad-hoc processes with minimum control.

The Board asked Origin Consultants to help undertake an Organisation Development, Transformation & Workforce Effectiveness boosting assignment. Objectives were to bring the leadership closer to the business, reduce cost, build employee motivation and morale, improve sales, workforce effectiveness and customer service.

Discovery at the Initial Study Stage

Post conducting a thorough diagnostic of the current organization, Origin Consultants worked closely with the company's leadership to determine the architecture of the organization and the findings were:

On assessing the Senior Management Team, it was found that the Core Team lacked in Leadership Skills & direction.

A laid back and a culture lacking pace was prevailing.

Non effective performance management system existed.

Not enough checks and control mechanisms to important processes such as billing, inventory management, vendor management, and sales which were costing the organisation dramatically.

Decision-making was adhoc and not streamlined.

There were behavioural and attitudinal issues that had to be addressed and resolved on priority.

Origin Consultants Approach and Delivery

With joint decisions to address these findings, the assignment kicked off. Origin Consultants drove a detailed master plan for the transition. We developed a comprehensive step by step chart to address all the challenges through effective communication with employees and systematic approaches.

A central program-management office (PMO), co-staffed by Origin Consultants and the company’s best talent, oversaw the entire organisation development and transformation and provided hands-on support to employees in setting/redesigning various processes.

Over an intense eight month period, the new organization was designed level-by-level;

New core processes were developed; relevant HR policies and procedures were designed and implemented,

Detailed job descriptions were defined right across the business;

Employees were appointed to new positions through a carefully managed application and selection process;

Retail SOPs were deployed throughout the stores,

Inventory audit systems initiated,

Sales incentives were designed and

New KRAs and performance metrics were created to give Regional Managers clear profit- and loss- accountability,

Employee engagement strategies were set in place.


A comprehensive set of Business, HR and Sales & Inventory Control Processes was designed and successfully implemented in just eight months.

During this time the organization was significantly simplified and streamlined, personnel numbers were reduced by 12 percent, losses due to pilferage at stores was reduced by 00%,  Employee Effectiveness drastically improved and a performance driven culture was in place,

As a result, the company's profit margin moved up significantly in two years, adding to substantial incremental profit.

Summary of overall Impact on the Organization

Leadership Competencies enhanced

HR Policies & Procedures Implemented

Talent Acquisition & Talent Pipeline Management

Behavioral & Attitude issues resolved

Business & Sales Processes Streamlined

Inventory Control & Pilferage Reduction

Attractive Sales Incentive Programs

Continuous Performance Management System (KRAs, KPIs & Metrics)

High Employee Motivation and Morale

Culture of High Pace and Performance achieved