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Quickly filling an open position with an expensive new hire or fixing ad-hoc demands for pay raises, may give you short-term wins. What if, going ahead this quick hire’s role ends up being of very less valuable to the business?

Thus, such costly and quick HR fixes will lead to a negative long-term impact to the organization. Need of the hour is structured Workforce Planning to plan well ahead and not just react to a rapidly changing business scenario.

Effective Workforce planning is achieved by analysing your current workforce, arriving at your future workforce needs, then identifying the gap between the present and the future needs, and implementing strategic solutions so that the organization can accomplish its mission and business goals.

Basically, it’s about hiring the right number of people with the right skillsets in the right place at the right time, at the right cost so that an organization’s short and long-term objectives are met.

Origin Consultants can guide you with the following questions needed for you to embark on a Strategic Workforce Planning:

How to ensure that your workforce planning aligns with your current and projected business demand?

Who will own the Workforce Planning?

What talent will your organization need to reach the next level of your strategic plan?

How did last year change your hiring goals this year?

What skills gaps exist in your organization?

Where will you find the talent you need? Have all talent sources been evaluated?

What is going to be your Talent Acquisition Plan for the year?

What are going to be your Retention and Employee Engagement Strategies?

How will you manage within your People Budgets? Do you have any flexibility?

Does your Scenario Planning include all the possibilities and challenges?

How to assess your workforce planning? What metrics matter?

How to continuously monitor and track workforce planning efforts?

With such continuous, people, cost-driven and strategic workforce planning practices, we will drive your organization towards sustainable high performance — and move away from an HR firefighting scenario. Workforce planning has a significant impact on a company’s business goals, yet most companies do not know where to start.

The good news is that we are there to help, Origin Consultants experienced team has helped many companies to make better workforce decisions and achieve real business impact.

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