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A well thought out and properly executed ECommerce SEO plan provides the highest return on investment as compared to any other ECommerce Marketing activity. Despite of this most ECommerce sites are designed and run without any thought about how search engines find and display search results.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization means search engines ranking your products, categories, and collections higher than competition. Effective ECommerce SEO can be achieved through a combination of:

An SEO friendly site architecture designed using thorough keyword research

Long tail keywords and well worded meta tags to attract consumers with buying and research intention to the product page

Comprehensive Product descriptions that answer all questions that a consumer may ask about the product

Eye catching photographs to appeal to the buyer with SEO compatible Titles, Descriptions, Captions and Alt Tags for search engines

Uploading your site content and product catalogues on your ECommerce site without proper attention to SEO could lead to extra costs in terms of paid advertisements to achieve the following basic requirements of any organization:

Increase traffic to your site

Grow your online sales

Achieve the best ROI for online promotion of your business

Common ECommerce SEO Mistakes

Origin Consultants adopt a comprehensive approach to ECommerce SEO to ensure that your site does not end up with the following ECommerce SEO mistakes:

Using Keywords and Meta Tags Without Research

Product keywords should be all about what your Target Audience is searching and not what you are comfortable with as a manufacturer or seller. Our ECommerce SEO Consultants carry out a thorough Keyword Research and Meta Tags generation based on product queries, buyer location, buyer demographics and competition rankings over time.

Creating A Site Architecture Based on Your Internal Product Categorization

Efficient SEO starts with your ECommerce site structure. This means how your URLs, links, Title Tags, H1 tag and sub headers are structured and completed for search engines. It also means how your products, collections, categories, and variant options are listed, grouped, and filtered so it is easy for customers to navigate from one product to another. Origin Consultants ensure that your ecommerce site has a strong search function and every product can be reached from anywhere on the site in 3 or less clicks.

Forgetting to do a Technical SEO Audit

It is important to a technical SEO audit of your ECommerce site as it will help you identify errors on the site that are disliked and penalised by search engines. A SEO audit will point out broken links, dead links, duplicate or similar links, missing metadata, missing alt tags, duplicate content, missing or insufficient content and even plagiarized content.

Not Adding Regular Content or Blogs to Your Site

Most businesses are so busy with their products and operations that they do not focus on content for their ECommerce site. Without regular, relevant, and professionally written content and blogs the domain authority will never improve, resulting in a lower ranking by search engines.

Origin Consultants provides ECommerce SEO Solutions and Services to ensure that your online store is always found by your customers in organic search.

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