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Origin Consultants are regularly approached by enterprises who need an effective and a robust organization structure design.

The objective of a well-designed Organization Structure is to drive growth, increase organization efficiency, enhance employee productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health.

Traditionally Organization Structure & Redesign involves streamlining activities and settling for incremental changes from the existing one. This typically results in temporary cost savings which eventually come back and a not very efficient structure.

The Origin Approach

Our approach to this is vastly different. We do not just look at the lines and boxes of an Organization Chart. We help you focus on the activities that fuel your competitive advantage and eliminate the ones that do not. It is a one-time effort that sets the pace and ambition defined by the activities that are critical to delivering what your customers value most about you.

Origin Consultants can help you with your Organization and Design and guide you on:

How to take a modern approach to Organization Structure?

How to align your Organization Structure to your Business Goals?

How to boost organization and people efficiency while remaining agile?

How to transform your current operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes, people and reduce costs?

How to attract and retain great talent and effectively manage organizational change?

How to optimize all your processes and resources to achieve sustained performance and growth?

We design an Organizational structure where governance, accountabilities and processes are integrated and aligned to the business strategy, to the needs of your customers and optimizes the efficiency of your people.

Thus, a structured transformation journey that delivers value from Day 1 and brings out the full potential of your enterprise. An organization with a new mindset and new behaviours around cost, continuously striving for maximum efficiency and greater savings.

Origin Consultants have helped redesign the organization structure for enterprises ranging from as low as 50 employees to as high as 20,000 employees both in India and abroad.

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