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The Path to Success

Organization Culture is a complex combination of shared values, beliefs, customs, written and unwritten rules, about how people behave and interact, their attitudes, how decisions are made and how work activities are carried out in an organization.

Aligning the organization culture to its strategy and goals is one of the defining challenges of any business. This is because there are numerous factors that affect and influence the culture an enterprise. Right from the organization's structure, the organization's values and traditions the systems, the leadership and management styles, the processes and procedures laid to carry out work, the behaviours and attitudes of employees, all of these have a strong impact on the organization's culture.

Culture of every enterprise is unique, and it is observed that changing an entrenched culture is one of the toughest tasks that businesses face.

Origin Consultants can guide you and answer the following questions to enable the entire Culture Change and Management Exercise:

  • What is your organizations current culture and its impact on the performance?

  • Process to clarify your initial vision, values and expected behaviours and performance priorities?

  • Understanding and analyzing the ways in which the organization conducts its business, treats its employees, customers, and the society.

  • Identifying the value, behaviours or weaknesses that are keeping your organization from achieving its full potential.

  • Setting the strategic priorities and maintaining a management system for priorities and goals.

  • Defining and tracking all the key measures.

  • How to make changes from the top down, so that a consistent message is sent from the entire management?

  • Translating the goals to all levels in organizations so employees fully understand how to their tasks and measures are impacting the organization.

  • Improving and developing communication habits and routines in the organization.

  • Building employee participation and motivation throughout the change process.

  • Methodology to build momentum and address all resistance to the new culture quickly and strategically.

  • Ensuring commitment of employees towards the collective objectives.

Despite the significant barriers and resistance to change, Origin Consultants can help you in assessing and changing your organization culture for a positive and lasting impact on your bottom line and people performance.

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