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Designing an HR Strategy that is completely aligned to the Business Strategy is where most enterprises fail. 90% of Organizations have ambitious plans for growth. However, in reality only few ever realize them. Why do you think there is such a gap between ambition and performance?

It is mainly because of a huge disconnect in most companies between strategy formulation and strategy execution. Our research reveals that, on an average, 90% of a company’s employees are unaware of the strategy and have no clue about how their roles and performances impact the overall business strategy.

It is imperative that for the Business Strategy to be successful, it must be uniformly secure across the organization. Organizations need to put People at the Heart of their Strategic Business Plan. The Leadership teams must create their people strategy or HR strategy as an integral part of their strategic business planning process.

Amidst this changing HR landscape, move towards a broader and more holistic scope of people strategy is the solution. Too often the HR strategy is focussed on transactional and policy functions. The emphasis must however be on developing people strategies to make sure the right people in the right roles deliver the right outcomes, at the right time.

Origin Consultants can assist you in designing a People Strategy or HR Strategy that is completely aligned to your Business Strategy. A Strategy that answers all the following aspects to Future-Proof Your HR Strategy:

How to create a people-centric work environment and leadership approach that will help your business thrive?

Which are the external trends and factors affecting your existing structures, jobs and skills across the organisation?

What is the ideal mix of strategic, technical, and behavioural skills needed in your leadership teams?

How to design an effective and robust Talent Management System?

Identifying roles will remain strategic and core to the business?

Filtering roles / functions /processes can be outsourced?

What are the key Talent skills needed for future success? How will you identify and fill the gap between existing capabilities and job types, and those of the future? Which will remain, become defunct or will change?

Which skills will the workforce require that they do not have today? What is the development plan for them?

What are the Rewards, Benefits, Incentives and Recognition programs that will attract, motivate and retain different talent pools?

How to build a Performance Culture? How to ensure employees are engaged and motivated to perform to their full potential?

The Outcome is a developed, skilled, and integrated workforce aligned to the company’s Business Strategy. And an enterprise which is managing its workforce at the right level, with the appropriate focus to achieve its ambitions.

If you are looking for HR strategy and people strategy execution experts and planning to have people at the center of your business strategy, get in touch with Origin Consultants.

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