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HR policies, procedures and practices are important to establish a framework to manage your people. Well-documented policies and procedures help employees to understand how the organization operates. They also minimise business and legal risks.

Each organization is unique, thus needs HR policies that best fit and are most relevant to their workforce. Generic policies and procedures usually do not reflect an organization’s specific requirements and may also be outdated. We therefore design and develop organization specific policies, procedures and handbooks in accordance with the company’s objectives and work ethics.

Origin Consultants helps design and finalize your HR Policy Manual along with all Policies & Procedures so that your enterprise can run smoothly.

We design Employee handbooks and individual policies and procedures to help clarify your organization's expectations from employees.

Develop robust HR policies, procedures and practices relevant to your business.

Effective Recruitment Processes and Evaluation Templates that enable organizations to manage their recruitments smoothly.

Advice and guidance on Best HR Practices and proven HR strategies.

Manuals, Templates, Forms and procedures all custom designed for your organization.

The Result: HR Policy & Procedure Manual that includes the following Policies and Procedures and more, designed as per your Organization’s requirements:

Selection and Recruitment Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Use of email, internet and social media Policy

Code of conduct

Gifts and favours Policy

Leave provisions & Processes

Grievance & Managing complaints procedures

Prevention of Sexual harassment Policy

Promotions and transfers Processes

Role clarity (including position descriptions)

Performance Appraisal & Management Policy

Terminations Procedures

HR Forms & Templates

Reach out to us to design and develop your HR Policies. A Comprehensive HR Manual that cover everything from how the organization recruits its staff through to ensuring employees are clear about all processes, procedures, expectations and rules.

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