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The key strategy to address the challenge of retaining talent is by having a high-impact suite of Executive Salary & Compensation Programs in place. 

Origin Consultants help Clients hire and retain top management talent by designing executive salary and compensation and benefit programs which are cost-effective, tax efficient and compliant for the employer as well as employees.

A typical Executive Salary and Compensation package is designed to maximize the effectiveness of each executive role. It includes a mix of the various compensation components like Base Pay, Short-Term Incentives, Performance Bonuses, Long-term Incentives, Social Security Benefits, Family Benefits & Perks. These may be modified annually, periodically or on a discretionary basis depending on the needs of the organization.

Origin Consultants designs Executive Salary and Benefits programs in alignment with the Client Organization's overall talent and corporate strategies, and the marketplace needs.

We address the following concerns of our Clients while designing the Executive Pay Packages:

Is it advisable for executives to be owners?

How does this affect their current owners and promotors?

What will be considered as a valuable incentive that to motivate the Executive towards achievement of the company’s goals?

Is equity compensation required to attract talent? Or should it be included after the business generates enough cash flow?

What will be the tax consequences to the Company and the Executive?

What individuals from the Leadership Team must be incentivized differently?

Origin Consultants’ Compensation & Benefits Experts determine which elements of compensation are to be included in the Executive Pay Structure after considering the competitive pay analysis, industry practices, compensation philosophy and the company’s culture.

These programs must be considered as a long-term investment in the growth and value creation of your organization.

Contact Origin Consultants to effectively leverage your Executive Salary and Compensation Structures to help and ensure a strong future for your organization. 

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