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What is an ECommerce Website?

An Ecommerce Website is a software application that enables:

Business owners to manage their online sale operations

Customers to buy and pay for products or services over the internet

Transfer of information and funds over the Internet

Secure transaction and storage of business, customer, finance and payment data

The Ecommerce Website Workflow:

A customer reaches your eCommerce website. She could have reached the website through a search or an advertisement, or a referral.

The website displays the product or category the customer queries or browses for. So the website displays products, specifications, price and images from a database.

After browsing the customer adds some products or services to the cart and checks out.

The buyer shares personal data on the website. This including financial and bank details like credit card information. The website sends this data to a payment gateway for processing payment.

Once the payment is complete the website issues a payment receipt. It also issues a unique transaction number and an invoice to the customer.

The ecommerce website then sends this data the fulfillment team. This team ensures execution of the order and shipment.

The ECommerce Website Technology

Thus, an ecommerce website platform is very different than any other website. It allows the business owners to integrate and use the following ecommerce technologies:

Automated Data Collection Systems

Collaboration Tools

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Database Systems

Electronic Data Interchange Systems

Electronic Funds Transfer Systems

E-Mail Platforms

Firewalls and Security Systems

Internet Marketing platforms

Internet Technologies like data, internet telephony, text, video and of course web pages

Inventory Management Systems

Mobile Devices

Online Transaction Processing Systems

Payment Gateways

Search Engines

Social Media Platforms

Supply Chain Management systems

Wireless Technology systems

Origin Consultants Ecommerce Team can guide you through the maze of ecommerce technologies. Thereby ensuring that your ecommerce website and ecommerce mobile app function flawlessly.

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